10 Rituals for For Creating Happiness

Happiness can be found in fleeting moments.... a snowflake, an excellent meal, a kiss, a fabulous trip... but it also can be found in the everyday. The activities, the consistency, the boundaries and the routines.

I'm a huge fan of both the quick moments, and the consistent repetition of happiness.

One of my goals over the past few years is to be in a state of contentment every day.

For too many years I lived for the weekends and for our trips. I wasn't un-happy in my life but I sure as hell wasn't happy either.

Now, I spend a ton of time focusing on what brings me happiness (and by proxy, examining what doesn't). You know what I found out? Rituals, like the ones I am sharing below, bring me happiness. I either do them daily or every few days.

1. Mindset work in my journal. I do a lot of mindset and manifesting work writing and drawing in journal where I focus on upgrading my life in some way or another. I really look at what I am planning to achieve, experience and obtain and I feel into the existence of it.

2. Meditation. Meditations is such a great grounding ritual, and I have found myself learning so much about who I am and what I want through guided meditations. Some of my favorites are through Insight Timer, and I offer a free one that I created HERE.

3. Baths with Epsom Salts and Lavender Essential Oils. Lavender is know to be a sleep improver and relaxer, and Epsom Salts a detoxifier and grounder. In fact, if you are exposed to a lot of electromagnetic waves through computers, phones and WiFi, Epsom Salts help you ground back into yourself. Also, it makes your skin super soft and yummy. I love to light candles, dim the lights and sometimes do a bit of saging with Palo Santo.

4. Eating what makes my body feel good. Whatever that is. At this point in the game, I've done a ton of intuitive work to find out what does well in my body and what doesn't. And, funny enough it changes! My body is never the same. But, generally I know what works and what doesn't and operate around that.

In fact, I created a downloadable journal you can get HERE so that you can track how your body is feeling- with food, sleep, exercise and connection.

5. Sweating. Sweating makes me happy! I never thought I would say that! Ha! But, seriously, moving my body (preferably in nature) is so important for me. I release stale energy and allow for new energy to be created.

6. Connecting with people who love me. The "who love me" is important. How often do we connect with people... co-workers or even frenemies who like you, but aren't really contributing to your up-leveling or happiness? Connect daily with people who genuinely love you is a huge contributor to your happiness.

7. Making time, space and energy for things that I love doing. Whether that's meals out, connecting with friends over a meal, or an experience that is out of this world.

8. Finding things I love in the everyday. Sometimes life is super stressful. But, finding the bliss in the everyday is so important. Whether is a mood, or a treat or even noticing something different... the gratitude and honoring is huge in terms of happiness.

9. Setting clear boundaries... for myself. Something that has majorly contributed to my overall happiness is setting clear boundaries for myself, in my mind in regards to others. When I know what I am available for (and what I am not) it makes a massive difference.

10. Quality sleep. Ohhh, this one is so good. It wasn't until I wasn't getting good sleep that I realized how much it contributed to my happiness. Now I do a few things to get better sleep, including eating a meal that my system can handle (garlic keeps me up for hours!), shutting down lights earlier in the evening to set the mood and turning blue light devices off an hour before bed.

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Hey! I'm Katherine. I'm a Nashville based relationship coach, podcaster and educator with a passion to help people live their happiest lives and attract and maintain their happiness relationships. I am also the mama to two amazing twin boys. You can read more about here: