PODCAST 3.4 • Navigating Functional Medicine with Dr. Sommer White

Dr. Sommer White is a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician and a certified functional medicine practitioner. She is the founder and medical director of Vitality, a medical wellness center focused on finding and treating the root cause of illness. She uses food as medicine and helps her patients incorporate healthy habits into their lives to sustain health. She specializes in digestive and autoimmune disorders, mold toxicity and chronic fatigue.

In this episode (which by the way, all opinions and experiences are expressed from the host and if you are in need of medical advice or care please see a certified practitioner) Katherine and Dr. White discuss Katherine’s experience of functional medicine and how she has been working on healing her autoimmune condition with functional medicine.

Katherine and Dr. White discuss the basics of functional medicine and why Dr. White was drawn to transitioning her career from an emergency room physician into a functional medicine doctor. They also discuss some of the treatments Dr. White provides, including using food as medicine and the concept of IV therapy.

Listen to the full episode below:

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