Podcast: Body Love, Self Love & Following Your Bliss with Renee Rafferty

Body Love, Self Love & Following Your Bliss with Renee Rafferty

Renee Rafferty, MS, LPC is the Director of Behavioral Health Services in Anchorage Alaska for Providence Health & Services. Renee has been in the behavioral health field for 27 years. She is committed to helping leaders grow and has provided coaching and training for leaders over the past 5 years. She has lead trainings on stress management, emotional intelligence, and team development.

In her leadership roles at Providence, Renee has designed processes and programs to address mindfulness, wellness, and resiliency for leaders and teams. In her clinical work, she has specialized in treating mood disorders, eating disorders, family conflict, and complex trauma. She has led and developed the crisis debriefing team for Providence Alaska, ensuring resiliency and healing for professionals.

Renee was a therapist for a long time before leading leaders. She worked with teenage girls as the director of a residential facility in Alaska. She now is working on a pilot program for teenage girls and their mothers regarding body love and body image.

Renee is a powerhouse! In this episode we get cozy with topics like body love... (for example loving how your body parts work as opposed to what's wrong with your body). Self love... (getting back to your light and breathing in to your connection of your light). And how following your bliss can keep you engaged and happy in your life.

We chat about how a 13 year old girl had a profound impact on Renee and how sharing joy can be as simple as making a cupcake for someone else.

Renee and I have been friends for over a decade. Renee mentored me as I became a therapist and leader in the Providence Health System when I was a therapist. We talk about how our connection and friendship has allowed both of us to grow and learn in life.

Give the episode a listen for all the juicy topics and conversations. It is so good!