PODCAST: S. 3. 5 • Intimacy + Picnics With Rachel Corvi

Rachel Corvi is a 30 something year old single mom to three spectacularly awesome kids.  She’s a visionary, entrepreneur, believer, a lover of people and nature, and a life long learner.  Rachel lives in the beautiful city of Spring Hill, Tennessee. She believes that we are hard wired for human connection and  intimacy, however we struggle to find the tools to deepen and strengthen our relationships. It is her intention to serve others by creating a space for connection.  Picnic Dates is her way of helping others connect.

After Rachel's daughter was diagnosed with cancer and they were spending a lot of time together, Rachel came up with the idea of fostering and supporting intimacy between couples, families and even parents and children by creating fun, inspiring picnics both inside and outside. She had noticed how often people are busy and distracted, but with scheduled time and a fun pallet of food and activities, people come together in beautiful ways.

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