Podcast: There Are No Rules in Love

No Rules in Love

When it comes to love, we can really get wrapped up in the idea that we have to follow a set rule book in order to make it work. There are plenty of people who capitalize on the idea that if you follow a certain set way of doing things that you will charm your next lover (or your current one) into loving you for eternity.

Well, I am here to tell you that that kind of love mindset just doesn't work. When it comes to authentic love, it's best to approach it in an authentic manner. Now, I'm not saying there isn't merit in having a thoughtful dating profile or knowing what to say when it comes to being on a first date. We all want to put our best feet forward in order to shine the most positive light on ourselves.

But, when we subscribe to a standard set of how to approach things, we find ourselves either playing games or feeling inauthentic. Believe me, that is no way to be in a long game when it comes to love.

Today, I share with you a few ways to get connected in with yourself in order to know what to do when it comes to love. I know that love is anxiety producing! I get it! But there are a few ways that you can tap into yourself and your spirituality in order to really know what to do when it comes to love.

First, don't let fear drive the bus. If anxiety is getting in the way of what to do in your love life, find out how to let that fear go.

Second, get grounded in you. The answers are always lying within you. So get grounded with yourself and open yourself up to the right answer.

Third, get connected with your spirituality. What divine alignment or mis-alignment is allowing you to move in the directions of your dreams.

Give the episode a listen and then come tell me on social media, have you ever wanted there to be a rule book when it came to love? I know I used to!