My Bath Ritual is Setting The Standard

I love a good bath. Like, love, love, love a good bath. Right up there with getting good sleep, baths are definitely on the top of the list of my favorite things in the world.

For me, getting into the bath has always been a quiet place for me to escape in to. It's a ritual to wash off the old, breathe in any new and allow myself a moment to just pause. Often when I am overstimulated, exhausted or downright stressed, a bath can help me transform back into my usual, high vibe self.

To feel the hot water surround me, to meditate on the rippling water or the bubbles I added, and to let go whatever is getting in my way at the time... Oohhh, the power of it is so freaking good.

On a scientific level, there are so many healing properties of emerging your body into hot water. It is relaxing to your cardiovascular system as well as your nervous system, and even does some amazing things to calm your muscles. While the hot water can be a bit rough on your skin, I tend to follow up with a heavy lotion or a coconut oil rub to seal in some moisture.

Today, I want to share with you my bath ritual, and the products I've been using to up level my entire bath situation. (Just so you know, if you purchase things through these links, I may receive a small compensation from the retailers.)

BOUNDARIES AND BATH TIME First, I am working on not being on my phone/computer/work life into the night. Boundaries are becoming more important to me as I work on getting enough good sleep for life. So, if it is getting closer to bed time, I put my phone away and allow myself a break from all of the happenings in the world and on social media. To be completely honest, I have been known to write an Instagram post from the bathtub here and there... and while sometimes I am at my most creative sitting in hot water, and it always works out... sometimes a break from the world is a good thing!

SETTING THE STAGE Setting the stage for bath time is important to me. The environment sets my psyche. If there's lots of stuff on the counter and clothes on the floor, I am likely just not going to relax as much as I want. So, for a few minutes, I'll make sure the bathroom feels good. All of my bottles are put away, any stray laundry is in the basket, the counters are wiped down and overall the bathroom feels clean and in good energy. Also, keeping the tub clean is a must win too!

THE INGREDIENTS FOR A FABULOUS BATH Now, of course you could just pop into a hot bath whenever you want... and often I do... but, this version makes it SO much more decadent. When you follow the flow of creating a beautiful bath, you open yourself up to more levels of self care and relaxation.

After the water is running for a few minutes, I add in a cup or two of Epsom Salts (I like these kind of salts because they dissolve nicely in the hot water. I've also done Himalayan Pink Rock Salts and those are nice and have healing properties too, but don't dissolve and can be a little grinding on your rear end if you aren't careful!) Epsom salts in your bath are incredibly grounding. They also are relaxing to your muscles and any stiffness. They also are a powerful detoxifier! So many good healing properties for just a cupful! (One thing though, something I noticed when I was taking lots of Epsom Salt baths and ingesting Magnesium at bedtime for sleep... I was overdoing it! I woke up feeling hungover (without the glasses of wine) and it took me a little bit to realize that I was getting TOO much magnesium into my system through my baths and ingesting it.) I then add about 4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil, 2 drops of Ylang Ylang and 1 drop of Roman Chamomile (Here are my favorite essential oils.) These make the bath smell floral and somewhat sweet, and have amazing relaxing powers. Lavender is known for its sedative properties, Ylang Ylang is amazing for balance and Roman Chamomile soothes your body systems and is incredibly relaxing. (Just a note on essential oils... any oils that touch your body or that you consume, I highly recommend investing in a high quality oils. All oils are not created equally these days and some have ingredients in them that will be harsh on your skin. My favorite is doTERRA, and I am a wellness advocate for the brand.) If I am feeling a little extra, I'll add in some Dried Rose Buds. (It depends on how much I want to clean up after my bath! Sometimes the extra clean up seems a bit stressful to me and I'll leave this part out.)

Then, I light softly scented Voluspa candles around my bathtub and shut off most of the lights.

If I want a good face mask (a couple times a week), I am in love with using these Herbivore products right now. I also love the face oil, mist and body moisturizer for aprés bath. These products are vegan, cruelty free and smell so freaking good.

THE DOING OF BATH TIME If I am feeling like meditating, I will focus on closing my eyes and taking deep breaths and clearing my mind. Often, I will do a full on visual meditation. Sometimes I read a book while soaking. (Which, by the way, if you haven't read Circe by Madeline Miller yet... IT'S SO GOOD!) Before the bath, I feel into how I want bath time to work for me, and then I go for it. I tend to use my intuition for what I need. If I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed, I find myself gravitating towards a good meditation over reading.

I'll sometimes bring a cup of Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea to bring on the relaxing vibes (and help with my sleep)! Which, by the way, this bath tray to go across your bath tub is amazing... I am totally considering getting it for myself.

I tend to try to stay in a bath for about 20 minutes to soak in all of the healing benefits of the salts and essential oils while also giving my brain a huge break from life for a bit. I love to do this bath as much as humanly possible! Honestly, I try to make time for it daily, but sometimes it doesn't always work out.

How about you? How is your bath time inspiration? Do you love baths or think they are a means to get clean?

Happy bathing my friends!

Sending so much love.

xoxo, Katherine