PODCAST 2:10: Connecting When You Have a Million Things on Your Plate

In this episode, Katherine dives into How to Connect When You Have a Million Things on Your Plate. We are legit busy these days, and in this episode, Katherine shares with you five distinct ways to create more space to connect with people. Whether you are in a relationship, or you are ready to call in that next love... this episode will get you in the swing of how to connect when you are super busy.

If you want to full details, listen to the episode below, but here's the quick 5 ways:

1.) Set up a routine for connection. If it's in your calendar, you have it in your mind and it will likely happen.

2.) Organize your plate. When your plate is a jumble of all kinds of things, it makes it way harder to connect.

3.) Let go of some things. Let go of all the activities or the extra things you can to create more time.

4.) Create boundaries in order to create more time. Create boundaries around work life and home life and social media life.

5.) Plan dates. Put it into your calendar. Make it non-negotiable.

Listen to the full episode below or search for The Happy Love Project Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher.


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