PODCAST 2:3 : Empowerment in Your Relationship with Mia, Sincerely Your Therapist

Mia is a licensed psychotherapist, lifestyle and wellness coach, and published author. Mia focuses on cognitive behavioral work and understanding the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and actions and how this all contributes to the reality we create for yourselves. Mia’s work is to empower us to understand this process, take control, and own it to create our best realities. Mia’s most recent work also involves writing and pursuing public speaking to reach a wider audience with the content she is so passionate about.

In today’s episode Mia and Katherine chat about how empowerment plays a key role in relationships.  

They also chat about:

>> The importance of daily rituals when it comes to taking care of yourself.

>> The most consistent relationship problems Mia sees in her work as a therapist and coach.

>> How to feel empowered in a relationship and what to do when you feel out of control.

>> What to do in order to better understand ourselves and how to be in relationships.

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