PODCAST 3.7 • Daughters on Fire with Melissa Burton

Melissa Burton is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of experience in both the clinical and facility setting. Melissa opened a private practice counseling group in 2018 and has been serving adults of all ages through life changes and transitions. With her expertise in gerontology, she has worked with hundreds of families as they navigate the complications of aging, life transitions and loss. Her guidance has helped individuals and families heal broken relationships, reconnect with their purpose, cope with the guilt and stress of caregiving and find peace in an ever-changing world. Melissa is also a community educator, speaker and support group facilitator. She is currently in production with her new project Daughters on Fire, a virtual support podcast for women juggling life, work, family and caregiving.

Melissa is an avid reader and loves spending time with her husband, her dog, and two crazy cats. She is experimenting with backyard gardening and enjoys being outdoors during the hot Tennessee summers. During the cold months, she is hibernating with a good book. 

In this episode, Melissa shares with us about Daughters on Fire, a podcast and platform designed to support women who are managing not only their own busy lives, but also offering care to their parents.


Daughters on Fire Podcast:

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