Podcast: Do You Love Your Relationship with Your Phone?

Do You Love Your Relationship with Your Phone?

Our cell phones are amazing. I love mine. I love that I can access my business and life tools through my smart phone. I love that I can set my alarm clock to go off everyday of the week and not worry about it. I love how I can take videos of my kids and immediately share the video to my Instagram stories. I love that I can keep track of our family's calendar and know when we are doing all the things we do.

But, our phones can also get in the way of our lives. Today I am sharing with you ways to create boundaries in your relationship with your phone.

By the way, have you heard of the concept of Phubbing? Phubbing is the act of paying attention to your phone instead of the person in front of you. Have you ever been a Phubber? Or a Phubbee? I have certainly been both. It's interesting to think about how our cell phones get in the way of real life connections!

Here's some things you can consider to create boundaries with your phone:

Research how much time you have been on your phone lately. Your phone likely has a feature in the settings that will tell you how you are spending your time on your phone. Check it out! And if you find you are spending tons of time on your phone, ask yourself why. What's going on in your life to cause you to be on your phone?

Set time boundaries on your phone. Set the Do Not Disturb so that you get good sleep. Allow for yourself to get rest without many notifications all night long.

Also, think about what apps you use before you go to bed. Anything that you are scrolling in bed is likely affecting your sleep! Imagine this, whatever new article, profile, or Pinterest recipe you are looking at is creating energy in your bedroom.

Take breaks from the time sucking apps. Whether you set a daily ritual that enforces your use of the apps, or you take big breaks from apps when you are on vacation, allow for some time away from the apps that take away from your energy.

Focus on the people around you. Put your phone away at dinner or when you are with people. Allow them to be the spotlight of your energy. Don't do what the phubbers do!

How do you feel like your phone supports you? And what can you do to set some boundaries around it?

Until next time, be well and do fabulous things!