Podcast: Your Mindset in Love

Your Mindset in Love

Your mindset in love dictates how you operate in love.

Your mindset, which is a group of beliefs and thoughts about something, is something complicated and unique to you. And when it comes to love, your mindset is based on quite a few factors.

For example, your mindset about love can be effected by what generations before you believed about love. What you believe about love can also be formed by your past experiences in love.

When you examine and even shift your mindset, you are able to open yourself up to new possibilities in love.

In today’s episode we get clear on how mindset effects your love life. I share with you a few key ways to understand and shift your mindset when it comes to love. We look at where your mindset may have come from, how generations before you may have contributed to your mindset and what to do in order to powerfully shift it.

Your thoughts and beliefs shape your life, and in this final episode of the season we explore how to understand and possibly shift those beliefs.