PODCAST 2:12: What's Getting In The Way of Your Love Life

In this episode of The Happy Love Project Podcast we chat about the four key things getting in the way of your love life. These are things that potentially are holding you back in finding, creating and maintaining the happiest, healthiest love you desire. These road blocks tend to hold you back in love, and to be honest, we collectively are not always aware that they are happening!

The first one is your Inner Critic. This is the voice in your head that is fear based. This voice then dictates your actions. Your Inner Critic has an uncanny way of keeping you safe. When you recognize your Inner Critic, what her job is and how to work around her, you tend to be able to do new things that are scary (like approach a cute person at a local coffee shop, or initiate intimacy in your relationship).

The second is all about your MINDSET! Your mindset and your inner critic go hand in hand. When your mindset dictates that you deserve a particular kind of love... that's the kind of love you will attract.

The third is old patterns. These are patterns that you notice that you engage in over and over. It may be a pattern of attracting emotionally unavailable people, or a pattern of creating drama in your love life. Patterns tend to keep us in the same cycle over and over again.

And the fourth is generational patterns. These are patterns you can track that have occurred over and over again throughout the generations that have come before you (and that without change, will be what you unconsciously create in the generation that comes after you.). Not all patterns or generational patterns are hindering... just some. If you feel like there's a pattern that is getting in the way of you attracting in healthy love... that might be something to examine!

To hear the full episode and more explanation of these four things that get in the way of your love life, listen to the episode below on iTunes or Spotify (you can also find The Happy Love Project Podcast on GooglePlay and Stitcher).

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The Happy Love Project Shoutout:

This past week I was feeling super stressed. I wanted to walk in the park.... I felt pulled to get things done for work... and I had to go to the grocery store. I felt like it was quite the luxury, but I have a feeling I will be doing this way more often now that I know it's so easy.... I had my groceries delivered! Whole Foods now has a delivery service through Amazon Prime. It opened up my day in some pretty great ways, and while I did pay a little extra, I also didn't buy extras like those yummy coconut macaroons that I can't seem to walk past when I am in the store!