Podcast: Get Your Glow in Three Simple Ways

Get Your Glow in Three Simple Ways

Getting your glow can be a challenge these days. I mean, we are BUSY. And with that busy-ness comes difficulty finding time to focus on ourselves or our glow.

In today's episode, we dive into three ways you can focus on your glow RIGHT NOW!

The first way is to honor your body. How much sleep are you getting each night (and how's the quality)? What kinds of foods are you putting into your system? Are you getting any exercise? These things are directly related to your glow as much as washing your face and taking care of your skin.

The second way is to honor your spiritual side. Are you meditating? Do you have times during the day when you are reconnecting in with yourself and grounding yourself? I am loving meditating for ten minutes during the day with crystals! Another thing I am LOVING is my bath... have you seen my post about my bath ritual? (My Bath Ritual is Setting The Standard) Walks in nature, hot baths or showers, mediation... all of these things will connect you in with you.

The third way to focus on your glow is to have FUN. Gabby Bernstein has a gorgeous quote about measuring your success with how much fun you are having. Focusing on more fun will greatly increase your glow. How can you incorporate more fun into your life. Now, now, we all have to do things we don't love, but if you can enhance your level of fun, it makes life way more enjoyable.

And, if you are struggling with your glow, or if something gets in the way of your glow, getting back to your basics is the way to go. Get good sleep, eat healing foods and get back to ways you can ground yourself.

Go forth and be glowful!