Podcast: 10 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

10 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

You know it, I know it. Sometimes we get into huge, unpleasant funks. Come back to this episode anytime you need it.

(1) Take some time to recalibrate. Before doing anything else, get back to your basics. Ask yourself if you are getting enough quality sleep? Are you giving yourself time in your day to rest or is it full throttle go? What have you been eating lately? What do you need to get back to YOUR basics. My basics usually include healthy foods, good sleep, and some quality down time.

(2) Take a digital detox. I know. This one is challenging. But, your mind and soul likely need a break from all of the digital stuff. Take a weekend and shut off your phone, or at least use it just for emergencies. Take a break from social media. Keep your computer shut off. Give your eyes and brain a break from the light and the constant barrage of information.

(3) Journal about what’s bothering you. I love a good journalling session. It’s the best way I process through my stuff. Free write… what’s bothering you? Who’s bothering you? What about life is not flowing for you? Get it all out. Rant on paper.

(4) Draw it out. I have a feeling not too many people will do this one, but if you can… it is SO powerful. Even with just a pen and some scratch paper, doodle out how you are feeling. Draw a stick figure self portrait and write words around it about how your mind and body are feeling. See what answers surface.

(5) Grab a coffee with your favorite person. Sometimes its all about talking it out. Have a good power session and see what insights come up for you.

(6) Meditate. Meditation has so many effective qualities, and it is one way that you can get back to your center. If you haven’t mediated before, check out the app Headspace (this isn’t an ad, I just love it). It’s has 10 free sessions and will walk you through the basics. Plus I am absolutely in love with Andy’s voice and could listen to it all day. Meditation has all kinds of ways that bring you back to your center and a lot of them are scientifically based.

(7) Get to gratituding. Expressing and recognizing what you are grateful for will pull you into a different vibe. Start looking at what you are grateful for, and write it down, with reasons. Studies say that a gratitude practice will actually improve your level of happiness.

(8) Try to find the reason for your funk. What is this funk telling you about your life? What is working? What isn’t working?

(9) Set boundaries. Sometimes our funk is an indication that someone or something is out of whack and we need to set boundaries. (Tell the story about work email).

(10) Know that your funk will pass.

There you have it my friend! I hope this serves you well!