Podcast: Body Image, Pelvic Floors and So Much More with Erika Young

Body Image, Pelvic Floors and So Much More with Erika Young

In today’s episode of The Happy Love Project, we have the treat of listening to an interview with Erika Young, a Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist. In her work as a personal trainer, Erika helps women maintain and regain strength at all stages of motherhood. Erika has fabulous insights on pelvic floor healing, yoni eggs, sex and body image while making huge lifestyle changes. Prior to her work as a trainer, Erika taught middle and high school English. Her athletic background includes track and field, speed skating, triathlon and roller derby.

In today's episode, we dive into why mindset and working with your inner critic is so important while you are altering your body. We discuss how in today's culture, women tend to be focused on the aesthetics of being in shape, but not necessarily the value or mindset.

We discuss the importance of pelvic floor health when it comes to the female body. Often, after child birth, women tend to run into issues with their pelvic floors. Through her own experience and helping her clients, Erika has discovered how to support women in creating core functioning and pelvic floor health. In fact, Erika helped me re-stabilize my core and pelvic floor. She helped me heal some significant diastasis after nine years post pregnancy.

We talk about using Yoni Eggs, and why sometimes Yoni Eggs aren't the best idea for pelvic floor strength. (For example, if a woman's pelvic floor is too tight, and without much movement, a Yoni Egg could make things harder for the woman.)

And finally, Erika offers some key advice of important things to do when someone starts working out after a potential long time of not exercising.