Which Emotional Hangup Type Do You Fall Under? By Drew Elizabeth

You cannot succeed in your health goals until you get vulnerable with yourself about your relationship with food. Are you on good terms or is it “complicated”?

The goal is to become aware of your emotional stumbling blocks and understand how they affect your food choices. So you can learn from your setbacks instead of beating yourself up and making the same mistake tomorrow.

Read through each emotional hang-up category below and once you start nodding your head and say to yourself “yup, that’s me”, then keep reading to see how you can tackle your emotional hang-up once and for all!

{WARNING: If you're sensitive about food or your relationship with food then this might not be for you.}

The People Pleaser

Problem: Sacrificing your own healthy goals, habits, and desires for someone else’s interests. Instead of shaking things up in your social life you would rather just go with the flow and avoid conflict or questions or judgment. Like when your girlfriend orders dessert and even though you REALLY don’t want any, you cave and order something too. You’re the “I’ll have whatever she’s having” gal.

Solution: Stick with your guns and focus on what you really want from a meal. Your growth might be kicking up insecurities from others who haven’t gotten there yet but honestly, that’s on them. If they have a problem with it, you might need new friends.

The Emotional Eater

Problem: Your emotions are all over the place and so are your food choices. When you feel stressed you rely on food to help you feel better. And you chose what to eat based on how you feel at that moment. Moosetracks anyone?

Solution: Make a list of activities you enjoy that DON’T require food. After a long day could you throw on your sweats and grab a favorite book? Or take a luxurious bubble bath and apply a face mask.

The Nibbler

Problem: Every day I’m snackin’ is your motto. You LOVE snacks and you are rarely seen without food in hand. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner ain’t got nothin’ on your snack game and you ain’t mad about it.

Solution: Eat more healthy fat and bigger meals. Load up your BLD’s with avocado, oils, nuts, and protein. All of the things that will keep you fuller for longer!

The Amnesia Diner

Problem: “Did I just eat all of that? I didn’t even taste it!” You often black out when you’re devouring something delicious and before you know it it’s all gone. You’re biggest blunder is when you’re out with friends and get so involved in a juicy convo that you forget you’re sharing those fries.

Solution: Take time to breathe and chew. Breathe deep before you grab you first bite and set an intention for your meal. And chew your food. The more chewing the better!

The Perfectionist

Problem: You see food as all or nothing. Black and white. You have to 100% succeed at your health goals or else what’s the point? You rigidly make habits. You went out last night and had a cocktail or two AND even enjoyed a few fried pickles. When tomorrow rolls around you say F it and eat all the hangover food screwed up anyways and diet starts tomorrow.

Solution: Remember that you’re human. And there are going to be not so great days. Give yourself compassion and grace and understand that those little detours along your journey aren’t veering you off course but guiding you on a new route and teaching you new lessons. Stop judging yourself and practice some unconditional self LOVE!  

The Sleepless Nosher

Problem: If you’re up past 10 pm you can be found pacing from the fridge to the pantry looking for something to snack on. You wake up in the morning to find you left some evidence like a dirty spoon caked in peanut butter or a few cabinets wide open. “Was it a ghost?”

Solution: Brush your teeth right after dinner. It will help stop you from eating again. Oh and go to bed early! Sleep is the best solution to combat those cravings.

The Sophisticate

Problem: Grilled chicken with spinach bores you. Why eat bland veggies when you can have foie gras and black truffle fettucini? Your palate is far too sophisticated for anything less than the best and your wardrobe agrees.

Solution: Change your mindset. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. And if you want to try something new on the menu, add a side of vegetables and start with a big fancy salad.


Drew Elizabeth is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Life Coach. She specializes in hormone and gut health.

Instagram: DrewElizabeth_