Podcast: Mastering Self Love with Cerina Scott

Mastering Self Love

Cerina Scott is a Wife and Mother. Board Certified Mindset and Nutrition Life Coach, Educator, Mentor and Wellness Expert. She’s a Micro Blogger, Influencer and Recipe Developer. She also is a self-Love, mental health and self-mastery advocate. Based in San Jose, California, Cerina's mission is to empower others to find and redefine self-love, confidence, vulnerability and nourishment unconditionally.

Topics in this episode include : daily rituals, ways to boost your self esteem, self love practices and overcoming hard things in life.

Cerina shares with us what is non-negotiable in her daily routine- a self love practice so deep that it can often be a bit scary to start. She talks about what she does 3 hours prior to her household waking and why it's so important to her wellbeing.

Cerina also covers her deep growth over the past few years, her partnership and dedication from her husband and how taking a life coaching certification course through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy completely changed her life and her relationships with other women.


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