manifest happy love bundle


There's always room for Happy Love.

Whether you feel like you are in a rocking relationship currently...


there's room for improvement...


you are ready to attract in that fabulous love...

There's always room on the continuum of love for happiness.

In fact, when you focus on happy love daily,

it becomes so much easier to be a magnet for it.

We believe in the principals of attraction here at The Happy Love Project.  

When you are able to

get crystal clear on what you want,

let go of what is holding you back

and move forward with abundance...

you attract in more of what you want.  

You become an irresistible magnet for it.

The Manifest Happy Love Bundle is all about supporting you in attracting in gorgeous, fabulous love at any stage of the relationships spectrum.

Included in the Manifest Happy Love Bundle:

The Manifest Happy Love Meditation

(created by The Happy Love Project founder Katherine Phifer

and with gorgeous music by Nashville Musician Addison Smith)

The Manifest Happy Love Daily Activation Worksheet

(created to be digitally downloadable for easy tying and use)

We recommend that you do both daily to reap the best benefits. 

And honestly, once you start, you will be feeling so good

that you won't want to miss it. 

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