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Here at The Happy Love Project, we believe that finding, creating and maintaining any sort of happy love is an ongoing project.  Never completely finished,

and always something you can tinker with more. 


We believe that any kind of happy love, whether it's with yourself, with friends, family or with a lover, starts with loving yourself fully first.  


When you take care of your mind, your body and your soul in a way that completely suits you... creating and maintaining happy love becomes something incredibly special.

The Happy Love Project is a platform that will not only inspire you to enjoy your relationships more, but also to love the life you live. 


The Happy Love Project is created and founded by Katherine Phifer.  Katherine is an art therapist, relationship coach, educator, and podcaster.  Katherine worked for over a decade as a psychotherapist in two crisis stabilization units with in crisis teenagers and their families.  Now, Katherine dedicates her time to helping people change how they interact in their love lives, by first focusing on their own self love and self care. 

Katherine is married to a fabulous man, Anthony.  They have twin sons who are 10.

You can learn more about Katherine and her private coaching services at www.katherinephifer.com.






When it comes to love, wellness plays a huge part.  

How great you feel in your body, in your soul and in your mind

directly effects how relationships in your life go.

When you feel beautiful, fit, strong,

well nourished and in a certain mindset, things just operate differently.



We sure love style and lifestyle in

The Happy Love Project.

What you feel about what you put on your body totally impacts

how you feel about yourself  (even if you have to wear a uniform to work!) 

AND, how you organize your life completely

impacts how you go about getting stuff done.



There's something about traveling.  And traveling well.

Sometimes you have to go places in order to find yourself.

We love to travel.  And we love to share what we've learned on our travels... including great places to stay, fabulous places to dine and wonderful attractions.



The Happy Love Project podcast is for ambitious women ready to find, cultivate and maintain happy love.  Join us each week as we share insights and interviews with leading experts so that you can experience the deepest and happiest intimate relationship.  


Each season we explore different themes that impact relationships including topics like self love, attracting healthy love and practicing happy love. 


Whether you’ve been married for many years or you are searching for the love of your life, this podcast will inspire you to rewrite your own happy love story.


HLP Logo-3.png

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